Monday, July 28, 2014

Beautiful and Tender Moments

chasing papa's car

Morning ritual: racing Papa's car as he drives to work.

On a side note: I am really struggling today. As an introvert, our busy busy weekend was extremely draining on me. Also, I indulged in some sweets, and, as someone who struggles with insulin resistance, I am now working through a "sugar hangover"... my energy level is lower & my patience reserves are smaller. But just because I am battling to be joyful doesn't mean I am losing. It's days like these, when it's a struggle to be full of light, it's on these days that choosing joy has the most meaning. Anyone can be happy when times are good. But who finds joy in suffering? I pray not that I might never be unhappy, but that I might suffer well. 

Here are some things that help: 
(1) Started my day with a scripture reading from the You Version bible app. Short and sweet, one verse is easy to commit to. 
(2) Vented to a friend about my feelings. 
(3) Ate food; but did not eat any sugar or overindulge in coffee. 
(4) Looked up several Instagram accounts that always bring me encouragement (including the Instagram hashtags #arrowchildren and #raisingarrows)
(5) Spent time with Phoebe, then let her choose a Netflix show so I could have a break. 
(6) Took deep breaths. And remembered that there are beautiful and tender moments, even (especially) on difficult days. Like watching my daughter race down the sidewalk after Matt's car...and the sweet husband who always waves at her until he's out of sight. 

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