Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Becoming A Man

This is a guest post by Amanda Lyon (@mamalyontamer). Here is a little bit about her, in her own words: I love Jesus, life and creative expression. We have been blessed with 5 babies: 4 boys aged 9, 7, 5 and 3. Our darling daughter waits in heaven for us, she passed away when she was 4.5 years old. I married my first love and this year we celebrate 17years of marriage.

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If I squint my eyes, I can see a man. One emerging cautiously from the boy. Tentative and slow, just as it should be, but startling. I'm glad its slow, it gives us time, both of us time to adjust. Because I know it was just yesterday that I held you in my arms, your body small and soft. Now we stand eye to eye. Stand tall, strong, and true my Fynn. You are becoming a man.

(original post appeared on instagram)

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