Thursday, July 24, 2014

Grace & Grumpiness

This is a guest post by Tori Gillit (@toriadele). She owns an etsy shop, Light and Truth, where she sells scriptural and inspirational art.

toriadele arrowschildren kids in towels

We played in the sprinklers on Wednesday and we were full of love and happiness and giggles.

Ever since then, I've been cranky. It's been overcast in the Dallas/Fort Worth area...and our trip caught up with me...and today was errand day...and blah blah blah. However looking back to Wednesday reminds me that Sunday's coming. I think: since Christ lives, so can I. I can choose joy each day. 

And, when the kids get up from nap, I can say sorry for being a Grumpy Tired-Head, and we can start all over, because there is GRACE. It's as fresh as a gentle summer sprinkle from an overcast sky. Children give grace almost as freely as the Father. I'm so grateful.

Thank you, Lord.

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