Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mommy Date Diaries

en pleine air with flowers

I had this huge plan all day: after I picked up Phoebe from Grammy Day, I'd surprise her with milkshakes & we'd watch the sun set. Well...the milkshake shop closed 20 minutes before we arrived. And the park was going to close before sunset. And, anyways, the bright sun was starting to give me a bad headache. ...SO... we switched gears and went to the Fancy grocery store & splurged on gourmet desserts. We sat with our backs to the the sun, surrounded by beautiful flowers. And she talked. And talked. And talked.

I think the beautiful thing about broken moments is this: when our plans and expectations shatter, God is what holds us together. If we let Him guide us, we will always find good things. Moments of brokenness reveal a deeper truth: God is what always holds us together--always--through good times and bad. I think if we truly understood this, truly believed that God fills up our days with joy, hope and love, then we would be less stressed about making it through hard times, and less afraid of losing our happy moments. Plans come and go, but the joy of the Lord endures. When you understand that God shepherds your joy, you realize you are free to find happiness anywhere.

-- Erin || || @ekwetzel

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