Friday, July 25, 2014

Outward Disobedience

four kids on a couch

"We should not be disciplining and training just to produce a mannerly child we can show off in public, but in order to bring our beloved children into conformity to the image of Christ, so that they will be well prepared in their hearts and habits when God calls them into his service." - L. Elizabeth Krueger

Boy, do I need this reminder a lot. It's so easy to get stuck on reprimanding my children's misbehavior without examining their hearts. It often takes extra work on my part to go beyond their outward disobedience and discuss the real sin issue in their hearts, pointing them to Jesus. It's also easy to take offense and get mad at them when they disobey, but they are really sinning against God. He's not surprised by their sin and He returns it with grace upon grace upon grace! 

While I pray for their hearts to fully know and love Jesus, I need to pray for my own heart to continually be full of grace and love. I don't want to raise a flock of moral Pharisees. I want to raise fearless followers of Christ fully in love with Him.

-- Alison || @alison_winter

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