Arrow Children on Instagram

This Arrow Children project started on instagram, under the account @arrowchildren . Andrea contacted a dozen or so Christian parents that God put on her heart, and together we started collaborating on the Arrow Children account, while also sharing content on our personal instagram feeds, using the hashtags #arrowchildren and #raisingarrows. We hoped to use the immediacy and intimacy of the instagram platform to bring hope and community to parents who might feel like they are floundering, isolated or alone. We wanted to share the joys and struggles of parenting mindfully, for an eternal legacy.

Then our account was disabled.

No, the account is not deleted. However, anytime a user tries logging into @arrowchildren, it crashes the instagram app, and the only way to fix the problem is to delete the app and re-download it.

Instagram has been unresponsive to our requests to get the account back.

Meanwhile, the community around #raisingarrows and #arrowchildren has exploded.

So here we are! We launched this new blog, and we will collaborate here to share our stories with you. You will find regular posts from our contributors, as well as guest posts from the instagram community.

How can you get involved??
  • If you have an instagram account, keep sharing your story, and tag your posts with #raisingarrows and #arrowchildren
  • Engage with content here on the blog.
  • Spread the news: tell others about this blog! We have 1,000 followers on the instagram account and no way to let them know we moved to a blog, other than word of mouth.
  • To bring attention to the folks at Instagram, we encourage you to post photos using a special hashtag #giveusarrowchildren along with tagging @Instagram.
  • Message instagram and let them know you want @Arrowchildren back. Here is how:
  1. Go to this link (
  2. Where it says "Was this answer helpful?" click "NO"
  3. On the drop-down menu, select "Other"
  4. Type a note explaining that you want the @arrowchildren account back. For example: "The account for @arrowchildren is frozen. I miss it! Please restore this account!"
Thank you for your support!

No matter where we find ourselves, let's come together as a community and glorify God with every sweet moment, every hard afternoon, every word, and every deed. Let our instagram picture posts be like little songs, singing our Savior's praises all the day long.