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Andrea Gutierrez, Arrow Children Founder//@dearpomegranates//@lulu_pine

I'm a Californian native who wants to live a Southern life in the Pacific Northwest. I am married to my best friend and together we have two children. Natalie is ten years old, loves reading and playing competitive softball. Our leapling, Finn is two years old and is exactly the type of boy befitting that name. I am from the suburbs but dream of having a house of our own, surrounded by trees, with wood floors, books crowding the shelves, a welcoming kitchen and a big backyard for our family, friends, a dog and maybe a chicken or two. Things that fill my heart with joy, seeing my children laugh, drawing, making something, baking, drinking my morning coffee, having tea, children's books, wearing sweaters in autumn and scoring on a lovely vintage or well loved item at the thrift shop. My favorite thing is laughing and I want to grow old in His grace surrounded by loving family, friends and of course, laughter. I am blessed to see Arrow Children grow because it brings hope to my heart with real life situations and accessible community. My family and I attend Mars Hill Huntington Beach and are currently asking the Lord to open the doors for our family in a big way.

Erin Wetzel, Editor & Administrator//@ekwetzel

I make my home in Washington State with my husband, Matt, and my three-year-old daughter, Phoebe. We live in the city while supporting nearby farmers and local businesses. We play videogames. We try to garden, but the plants invariably die. For my part, I dream of a full quiver, I dream of little children running through the halls of my home, playing, fighting, and reconciling with each other. While I wait for God to fill up my family, I send my paintings out into the world, like little arrows of joy, pointing others to the glory God places in each of our everyday lives. When I need a peaceful morning, I’ll pack Phoebe in the car and head to the rocky shores of Owen Beach where the morning fog lingers over the Puget Sound’s waters. We watch ferries, throw rocks. I dream up poems.  This is how I see the world: extraordinary in its ordinary moments, transcendent in its tangible touch, and beautiful in its suffering, in the ways empathy encourages people to come together in community. This is why I love Arrow Children: because it is a place where people share their stories of brokenness and redemption, victory and loss, silliness and legacy. For me, this place is about all our stories, no matter how different we are, because all our lives can bring glory to God. My family and I are members at Mars Hill Church Tacoma.

holly bennington family

Holly Bennington, Contributor//@oregonmama

I am Holly. Mother of five year old triplets, and a sweet and sassy two year old. I was born and raised in Southern California, but always dreamed of raising a family in Oregon country. After college and a Summer spent traveling alone across Spain, I moved to Eugene to begin a Master's program in Spanish Literature at the University of Oregon. Just a few months later, I met and married my husband, Robert. I finished school, taught college Spanish for a few years, and in the process, we moved to Bend, had triplets and then baby number four! We eagerly await any other precious children the Lord may bring into our rather noisy, yet joy-full, homeschooling family! I love spending time outdoors with the kids, working in our garden, swinging on our patio, or just sitting in the sunshine with a good book and a good drink! On Sundays you can find our family singing hymns at a tiny country church called Grace Reformed Presbyterian (part of the OPC), in Bend, Oregon, and the rest of the week we serve as missionaries to our children, and any other souls we meet along our way! 

arrow children contributor

Alison Bravenec, Contributor//@alison_winter

HI! I'm Alison, a Southern California native married to my high school best friend for thirteen years now. We've lived all over the place from our hometown in So Cal to Chicago to Bend, Oregon to Seattle and back to So Cal again. We kind of love living the gypsy life, traveling around and making memories, so who knows where we might go next! We also have five kids, four boys (8, 7, 4, 7 months), and one little girl (3). Growing up, I never imagined being a SAH homeschooling mom to so many kids But, my younger self just never knew the incredible joy that comes from dedicating my days to nurturing a full, crazy, wild, noisy, imaginative, and energetic house full of young kids. I love trips to the beach with my family and exploring the outdoors with my kids. I love a good hot cup of coffee right out of bed, baking chocolate chip cookies with my boys, picking flowers with my little girl, taking a bajillion photos of our everyday life, and reading a good book outside in the sunshine. I love contributing to this space as God reveals His continual grace in my life. Monday-Saturday, we worship Jesus together as a family and strive to spread His love to those around us. On Sundays, we worship with friends at Covenant Grace in Temecula, Ca. 

Greta Eskridge, Contributor//@maandpamodern